On the following pages is a demonstration of just one of the ways an Anti-Virus package can work in protecting your files. This is a very simple and basic representation. Remember, different systems will react differently.

This particular action has been carefully set up with graphics only and shows an Anti Virus package (in this instance McAfees) intercepting a virus infected Email.

No viruses are actually used for this simulation

Below are the steps you can follow for this demonstration. Each instruction will be repeated on the individual screens as they are displayed.

1. The step by step process shows, firstly a typical Email receiver with one item and an attachment. This is the instant before the actual Email is clicked on and the Anti Virus software being asked, as a result, to check the specific Email. The Email is selected and the consequence is the activation of a warning. Click on the actual Email address to activate the next step.

2. The Anti Virus Software has detected a virus and a warning is given. Two actions are possible at this point - the Clean and the Delete buttons are both active. Try clicking the Clean button first. You will be returned to this page.

3. Not all viruses can be removed by the cleaning process. In this example, the virus could not be cleaned. Click the OK button to proceed.

4. Back to the original message. This time select the Delete button.

5. The process has been performed and the offending file is deleted. Click the OK button to proceed.

6. This system then gives you a chance to retrieve the offending Email. However, the only button that is active in this demonstration is the Cancel one. Click to proceed.

7. To complete the removal, open the Edit Menu in the Menu Bar by clicking on that item.

8. Select the Delete option (highlighted) and the file will be sent to your Deleted Items folder. It is good practice to then access this folder and remove the file from the system completely.

9. This ends the demonstration. The file has been removed. Click anywhere on the screen to return to the main index.

Please note that if you are accessing this demonstartion from the Internet, the change to subsequent steps will take some time as the graphics are quite large.

CLICK HERE to start the demonstration.