CREDITS for Northern NSW Regional Site

Our site is run by a group of volunteers and information into sites is by virtue of people who provide such information.

One of the aims is to expand our group of volunteers so that each community has its own representative on the team. This way we will be able to expand the site considerably with more relevant information and up to date information about happenings within the individual communities.

The overall aim of the site is to provide information and link opportunities for businesses and organisation throughout this wonderful region of ours.

Maybe this aspect appeals to you or to someone you know. We welcome new members to our team who's desire it is to promote their own community.

DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT THE SITE - includes a brief history.

The following people have contributed to the development, construction and ongoing maintenance of this site.

Suzan Ables Jonathan Baker Hylda Bracewell
Bob Burling Peter Fitzgerald Christian Girard
Brent Gregory Sue Gregory Diana Helmrich
Heide Klingbeil Steven Walsh Angela West
Kristy Westaway Uralla Central School - Students & Staff Lisa Dowdell
John Hingston Natasha Tyter Warren White
Jo Rapley Judy Howarth Sean Plunkett
Rachelle McMahon Kerrie Carrall Martin Folkes
Danni Jadresic Jennifer Windred