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Towards the end of 1995, a group of people, including the Armidale and District Business Enterprise Center decided that the region needed to be promoted to the world.

At this point in time, the group defined the region as being that geographic area in the immediate vicinity of Armidale. The Internet was about to arrive in Armidale (local call access) and we needed to take advantage of this new medium. This definition of the region quickly grew over the next 12 months to include the entire area of Northern NSW as now covered by this site.

The idea behind the site was to overcome what was seen as a splintered promotion of the region according to individual categories (such as accommodation, business, community, education, tourism and etc.) that was the normal way to promote geographical areas. The group realised that a region was all of these items (and more) and so needed to be promoted as such. Thus the concept was born.

Along with the BEC, a small group of businesses were brought into the group to take up the idea, these businesses (shown in the table below) were pioneers of a very large experiment that has not ceased to grow since then.

ArComPro Computer Software
Armidale Business Enterprise Centre
Collectables (now called Gifthampers Australia
Deer Park Motor Inn
Savages Mens Wear

The site became fully independent in 2000 and is maintained using the same principles as before.

In 2002, following a review of the types of queries that were coming into the site, facilities were added to the site to enable information about the history of the region to be added. This section, as with all others, gives opportunity for people to provide both information and links to existing history sites. Local news feature has also been added. Small communities don't usually have their own newspaper and this gives them opportunity to promote themselves. One of the regular enquiries that came through was for lists of real estate agents for property rental and purchase. This section has now been set up in a similar fashion to the accommodation section, providing a list of known agencies and, where known, links to their respective web pages. These will all obviosuly grow as people become aware of these new services.

Early 2002 also saw the further expansion of the site to a total of 175 communities across the region. It is hoped that, as people provide information about the smaller communities in the area, this will expand even further. People who would like to see their community added should contact The Webmaster and discuss your community and its inclusion.



The site, as was mentioned above, was set up to promote the region as a complete entity. Thus it is the ultimate intention of the organisation to have a large range of material available for each of the towns and villages contained within this site (See the Site Index).

To achieve this goal, there are some things that need to be noted. Firstly, the site is primarily maintained on a voluntary basis. That is, most of the information on the site about the towns and their details, is supplied and prepared by volunteers. Hence the reason why you will find some towns with lots of information whilst others have very little. From this aspect, we would dearly love to have volunteers from each town supply us with information, updates, photographs and other material that will enable their town or vilage to be a vibrant presence within this website (some towns already have a website which they have agreed to link through our site for this added information). Such volunteers can be an individual, an interested group of citizens or local promotional bodies already established within the town or village. If you fit this category, please fill out the form and send it off to us. Be sure to include all the information required so that we can contact you easily to conform your interest. We need people across the region to help make this site better.

Secondly, there is a cost to maintaining the site presence on the Internet. The money has to come from somewhere. There are two sources of income for the site. The first is the use of banner ads that appear on the front page of every town section on the web site. The details of this advertising can be obtained by filling out the from the Banner Advertising Page. Alternatively, you can rent web space for your business on the site. A number of options are available in this area and the details can be found on the How To Get On Page, which includes an appropriate form to send to us.

The continuing survival of this site and its dynamic presence will be totally dependant upon others getting involved to enable their area to be desirable.

It is the belief of those behind this site that the region, as a whole entity, has more than enough to offer people for visiting, investing and living in.



There have been and are a number of people involved with the development of this site. An up to date list of these people is to be found on the CREDITS PAGE.

New volunteers are most welcome as we strive to reach our goal of having at least one volunteer looking after each of the communities represented on the site. This will enable the site to keep growing and be much more up to date. Enquiries from any one with an interest in their community is most welcome and the amount of time you spend on the task is governed strictly by you. If you fit this category, please fill out the form and send it off to us.