We are now able to offer businesses, community groups and other organisations residing with the region of Northern NSW, an opportunity to have a presence with web pages on this site. This allows small businesses operating within the region to have affordable access to the Internet from an extremely high ranking web site.

With our special deal, for just $AU20.00 per year, you have up to 5MB of space on the site to promote your business to the world, as well as give you a link from your relevant community page into this web site. Additional space can be negotiated should it really be necessary. Please note that this does not give you personal access to the Internet (that is the role of service providers) but it gives you a "web presence" to allow you to promote yourself further. Your address would be in the following format:

In addition to this, you would also have an exclusive Email account (with an exclusive password for access) through the site and this address would be in the following format:

In both cases, the name of your business or community organisation would replace the words yourbusiness, giving you an Email address and web site of the same name. The Email can be either accessed from a web page or you can directly access it from your own Email software. We will provide you with the instructions for both.

Naturally, there are some conditions that need to be met:

If this interests you, then please fill in the form below so that we can get things moving for you.


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Businesses not located within the geographic region of the site will not be considered under any circumstances.

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