National Parks of New England

Doing your own thing

To fully enjoy your time in the bush make sure you are properly prepared. Take appropriate clothing and equipment and know how to use it.

The following lists are examples of equipment needed for walks in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park:

Visitor areas

Wide-brimmed hat Sunglasses
Shirt with collar and sleeves Sturdy, comfortable shoes
Camera and film Sunscreen

Overnight bushwalk
All the above plus:

Strong backpack Warm sleeping bag
Raincoat Warm clothing and spare clothes
Food Stove and fuel
Matches Maps
Compass Torch
Toilet paper First aid kit

If you don't have a lot of bushwalking experience, go with someone who does. Bushwalking clubs usually run a variety of walks and other activities suitable for beginners. You will learn a lot about important skills such as navigation and first aid and have a safe, enjoyable time in the bush.

What can you do to help protect our national parks?

No matter what sort of activity you try, you can help preserve our national parks so we can continue to enjoy them into the future. Just remember a few simple things.

put campfires out

be aware of fire restrictions

stay on the appropriate tracks if you are walking, driving, mountain biking or horseriding (this is for your own safety as well as for protecting the bush)

take all your rubbish home with you

don't feed any wildlife

leave rocks, plants and animals as you find them

leave your pets at home

leave your firearms at home

Remember: take only photos, kill only time, leave only footprints


Email: Att. National Parks

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National Parks
National Parks

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