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I was wondering if you have any information or photos of the above woolscour. I  believe it was run by my great grandfather around the early 1940s. I think his name was Thomas Swinbourne and it was located out on the Yarrie Lake Rd close to where the town 50km speed limit starts. My name is Lorena Swinbourne,  0400507427. Email Address is lorena.swinbourne@bigpond .com. My father has passed and mum has Alziemers so that is all the information I have sorry.
Thank you for your time  REPLY
31 January 2015

I'm an amateur historian preparing a series of local history articles with a view to publishing them in The Courier newspaper in Narrabri (Ian Dunnet).
I've done extensive research into my family's history in the Narrabri and Wee Waa districts (Gray, Foxe and Carrington).
My great grandfather, John Gray, a trained shipwright, sailed from Scotland in 1865. In Australia, he turned his wood-working skills to contract bridge building. He completed several bridges between Gilgandra and Mungindi in the 1880s.
In 1887, John Gray built the Tulladunna bridge over the Namoi River to the west of Wee Waa on the road to Burren Junction. Remnants of this structure are still standing today. In 1888, he purchased the property "Glencoe" located a few miles east of Wee Waa.
My grandfather, John Gray (2nd), inherited the "Glencoe" property from his father in 1920. My grandfather (1880 - 1965) served four terms as the Namoi Shire president in the 1940s and has a street named after him in Wee Waa in recognition of his 16 years of service with the shire council (1937 to 1952).
My father, Gordon Gray (1918 - 2002), took over running the "Glencoe" property after his marriage in 1949.   In 1961, my family sold "Glencoe" to Paul Kahl, the now-renowned, cotton-industry pioneer. "Glencoe" is the property where that industry started.
My mother, Olive Gray was a member of the pioneering Carrington family in Narrabri. Her grandfather and grandmother ran Carrington's Store in Maitland Street up until 1916. Her father, Horace Carrington, owned and managed the iconic W. Foxe & Co. department store on the corner of Maitland and Dewhurst Streets which commenced business in 1925. My mother worked at Foxes in the 1940s before marrying and moving to "Glencoe". Her brother, Charlie Carrington, ran the Faulkner's Cordial Factory in Narrabri from the 1950s for several decades.
Before it became W. Foxe & Co. it was Hanaford & Co. (1913-1925), and before that Barry and Stafford (established in 1896).
A great grandmother, Annie Emily Carrington (nee Orman) (1864 - 1966), was an early pioneer of the district who lived to 102 years of age.
A little background about myself.   I was born in Narrabri in March 1951 and grew up in Wee Waa during the 1950s (1951 - 1961) but I no longer live in the area.
As mentioned, I grew up on the property "Glencoe" where the cotton industry first started with Paul Kahl and partner Frank Hadley.
I'm currently putting the finishing touches to an illustrated story about a plane (Tiger Moth) that crashed in the garden of our property near Wee Waa during a flood in December 1950. 
I'm also researching the history of the W. Foxe & Co. general store mentioned above.
So far I've been using old newspaper articles between 1880 and 1955 as the basis of my research.   I have been able to glean a substantial amount of historical detail by this method.
However scans of more recent newspapers are not yet available online so my research is very sketchy after 1955.   If anyone might be able to help me with more recent information, I'd be pleased to hear from you.......
Thank you, Peter Gray.  REPLY
16 January 2016 - REVISED 17 February 2016

I’m doing some family history research on the Jobson family who resided in Emmaville around mid 1890s (1896??).  Rev Henry Jobson was an Anglican minister and on a recent drive through Emmaville, we stopped by to see the Anglican church.  I believe this to be the church he was the minister at.  He had children born in Emmaville too and as there were older children at the time, I’m guessing they would’ve attended school in the area.  I’m trying to find any photos of the Rev Henry and his wife, Mary Jobson and their children.  I wonder whether you may be able to assist me at all.

If you believe you have any information which may be helpful, or are able to direct me to another, I’d be most grateful.  REPLY
28 December 2015

This is an emotional issue for which I am trying to be logical and factual. After practically a lifetime of searching, we have at last turned up a “clue” to what may have happened to our missing father, who disappeared in Collaroy, NSW, Australia in March 1948. Only one live sighting of him has been heard, and no contact was made by him with his family (late wife and two daughters, late mother, late brothers and sisters).
 His name was William James Fraser, called “Bill.”
 Recently my grown daughter, his granddaughter, found during an internet search for burial information a gravestone in Binnaway marked “William J. “Bill” Fraser” in a well-maintained “paupers plot” there, inscribed with the date of death as Sept. 17, 1994, and birthdate  “unknown” with a guess at age of 67 at time of death. Stretching the age a bit for what was a handsome, physically well-maintained man, this may have been my father. Since my daughter sent me the link to this photo of a Binnaway gravestone, it’s taken me almost three days to gain the courage to write to you and address the issue.
 I would like to put out the word locally to Binnaway area longtime residents to learn if there is anyone who knew this man—William J. “Bill” Fraser--from, say, around 1950 on. He was an expert shooter and fast, competitive runner, holding running cups and sometimes being in charge of running meets previous to his disappearance. He might have sought labor work on a ranch, working with the land or with animals. He loved motorcycles and rode them well, and fast. The same for horses. He knew several languages and dialects from India and Burma. He could write and type well, but I believe he wanted work outdoors rather than in after keeping the detailed insurance contact records he did, and knocking on doors for possible insurance clients to sell them policies they didn’t want. He may have become a heavy drinker by then, having acquired a “rum habit” during his time in the Royal Indian Navy and Army. He also smoked during the time we knew him.
Before I go further, here is the rest of of what you request on your “Regional Mail Form”:
My name is Dawn Fraser Kawahara, birth name changed at the time of my wedding to Delano Kawahara (June 21, 1992). (I was born Pamela Dawn Anne Fraser.)
 I reside at: 5753 Noni St., Kapaa, Hawaii, 96746-9659 USA  (on the island of Kauai). My daytime telephone number is: 1 (808) 822-3271. This is in my home office and takes messages. Cell phone (used mostly for emergencies and business in the field): (808) 651-6305.
I am contacting you from the Hawaiian island of Kauai, State of Hawaii, USA.
Community: Binnaway and surrounding area to this community.
Specific Request:
I have some documents and an old photo I can submit for use in the local papers requesting information for a person missing since March of 1948, if you can put me in touch, please. It would be helpful for me to also contact a radio or television station that broadcasts in or to Binnaway.
My father, William James Fraser, would have been a “noticeable” man, having been a “British gentleman” type on the surface, but actually having been born in a rural area of Upper Burma when it was British, and having joined the British forces in India and Burma in 1940. He was markedly handsome in his youth and manhood. He spoke like a Brit, but sometimes slipped into a Scots burr, learned from his Scottish father, and apothecary and assistant surgeon. Bill Fraser also knew something of first aid and medicine, learned from his father.
After World War II we emigrated to Collaroy, NSW, Australia from Mandalay, Burma, but my father was running into difficulty with his work and money due to the trauma he was suffering from his wartime experiences. He brought up a plan to move to the outback, getting, out of the suburbs and city, where his last job as an insurance salesman for Prudential Insurance took him to Sydney and surrounding areas, because he couldn’t think straight. I believe he had what is now known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, untreated. He thought that physical labor and a rural life might be the healing agent for him. However, my mother could not and did not agree to that plan, and after kissing her and telling he loved her deeply, he left Collaroy with not a word to anyone and truly disappeared from our lives. We have not had any clue of what happened to him since, although he was seen back in Rangoon by his brother’s friend shortly after his disappearance. There is a lot more to the story, but it is a guess at filling in the blanks from what was written in letters and also known about his associations and hopes.
My Internet Address: www.kauaiweddingsandbooks.com             An e-mail contact address besides the one I’m writing from: travel2birds@gmail.com
I am a writer/publisher and wedding minister/planner.
I believe I’ve covered all for this first request. Please do get in touch with me if I have left out something important, or if you have another suggestion that may be of help in learning who the unknown buried person actually was.
Thank you very much for your help, in advance, and Happy Christmas!
Dawn Fraser Kawahara  REPLY
22 December 2015

This is a personal request for possible information about bike races between Armidale and Ashford in 1930's. Not sure event survived beyond WW2. My father used to participate and remember him telling me all about it when I was young. Any info would be greatly appreciated  REPLY
3 December 2015

My family lived in Evans Head in the 1950's
Our family name was PIEL.
My father was called John. He was half owner of a LFB trawler named "The Patience". It was painted in blue and had a cabin towards the aft.
Does the fish board have archives?
We migrated to Australa from France.
Do you know of anyone who might have photos?
The only other boat I remember was one owned by a family called Wiliamson (?).
My teacher at primary school was named Bricknell. He had a brother who ran a tourist business hiring row boats and selling fishing tackle, bait, etc... just down from the FISH BOARD wharf on the river.
With my best regards and thanks in advance for any replies.
Marc Piel
( I live in Paris, France).  REPLY
20 October 2015

I am seeking information about my Great Grandfather Mr Hugh Corbett Taylor born 1860 who at one time owned Dobikin Station, Bellata. He purchased in July 1877, until 1888.It was then transferred to his Son, my Grandfather until about 1900/02.
I am writing a Family history  REPLY
10 September 2015

Hi i am after information about my family, school photos or any photos, i think they were around Tingha,
Wilga Ramage aka Taylor,
 lillian ramage and James ramage,
Alma Ramage,
 john henry spinks
Tingha/Bingara area REPLY
24 August 2015

In search of old friend
Wonder if you can help by putting an advertisement  online. I am looking for a friend of mine who used to live in Spring Ridge  in the 80' s. Her father had a farm called "Chevy Chase" and I think they farmed  Sheep. We lost contact in the late 80's and really would like to make contact again. Her name is Didge  ( Deirdre)  Mc Donald . Her address I have is Chevy Chase , Spring Ridge  NSW  . I see the farm was sold about 15 yrs ago. Please let me know if it is possible  . I am sure a lot of people knew them. REPLY
13 July 2015
Country of Origin: Ireland
Community request is about: Deepwater, NSW
Specific request: The Eclipse Theatre, the Art Deco building to the right as you drive into Deepwater from the Sydney side.
Thank you for creating this link. I am interested to know more about the past and current story to do with the Eclipse Theatre in Deepwater, now derelict. I was passing through a couple of weeks ago, and practically crashed the car when I was struck by its beauty. I would dearly love to know more about it. It looks as if possibly someone lived in it since its use as a theatre. Also, was it a cinema theatre, or one with a stage, or both? Deepwater is a very beautiful town and I’m only sorry I couldn’t stop off for much longer to walk around. REPLY
2 June 2015
Hi I drove though your town today what's is the reason for black cats on entrance signs into your town?REPLY
29 May 2015

My name is Stephen Sullivan and I am a direct descendant of a family that resided in the Bundarra District in the late 19th Century and through the earlier part of the 20th century. My last known, but indirect relative died in Bundarra in the early 1980’s and is buried along with other family members in the Bundarra Cemetery.
With the Centenary of the Landings at Gallipoli now upon us, I was seeking to clarify some information in relation to men who served in that and other WW1 Campaigns and who were directly related to me.
Two men; Ernest Laurence Sullivan, my paternal grandfather, and his brother, Thomas Joseph Sullivan, my great uncle, were both born and raised in Bundarra. Their father, my great grandfather was one Alpha John Ernest Sullivan, also a resident of Bundarra.
On both my grandfather’s and great uncle’s Enlistment Papers, was the reference to my great grandfather as being their next of kin.
His address was shown as “Bellevue” Bundarra.
I expect “Bellevue” was a station/property, but I cannot find any current reference source that provides any information of relevance to this particular property.
I would like to know if anyone has any information on “Bellevue”, particularly as to what might have become of it, and the people who lived upon it, up to and including the period pre and post WW1.
Thanks in anticipation.
S E Sullivan REPLY



The attached (below) is a picture of a medallion which belonged to an uncle of my husband. We have been unable to discover any information about it at all and are hoping that someone may be able to tell us what the medallion what issued for and who issued it.

Just above the number 157, are the initials U.G.L. N.S.W and in the banner just above the word Jubilee are the dates 1886 and 1936. On the reverse of the medallion is the maker’s stamp – Angus and Coote Sydney and an engraving of the recipient’s name.

Please reply to webmaster@nnsw.com.au with the subject GLADSTONE MEDALLION

Gladstone Medallion

4 May 2016

RESPONSE: Hi. This is a “Masonic Jewel“ issued to members of Lodge Gladstone of The United Grand Lodge of NSW (and ACT) from Gladstone NSW adjacent to the Macleay River across from Smithtown near Kempsey. The Lodge no longer meets (members would have transferred to a Masonic Lodge meeting in Kempsey many years ago after roads and motor vehicles made district travel easier and a usually at a time of village decline and or declining or ageing membership). The premises are two storey weatherboard opposite the local primary school. When I last visited it was used as a riverside cafe and art/craft outlet. Many villages have lost other facilities such as churches, schools and bank branches.  Regards, Norman Dare of Armidale NSW who lived in Kempsey for part of the 1950’s. - thanks to J G Dare


We stopped in Emmaville back in October last year and saw the Anglican church which is still standing and which Rev Henry Jobson served.  We walked through the cemetery too but didn’t see any Jobson graves.  I’ve since discovered there are quite a few.  It was a Sunday and nothing was open.  I did some searching once home again and found your website, so I emailed but I don’t recall receiving any response.

I'm after information on the family of Rev Henry Jobson and his wife Mary (nee Tevelein).  Perhaps their younger children attended school in the area and there are some photographs.  Otherwise you may have photos of other events in the town during the time they were there.  

I’ve recently found some information on Leslie Thomas Jobson (one of their sons) which shows he had a photographic studio in O’Donnell Street Emmaville in 1907.  I’ve attached a copy of the newspaper clipping.  Would you please let me know if there is anything more you may have.

Kind regards

Vicki Dux  REPLY
5 May 2016


Hello my name is Barbara Hodgson and I wonder if you can help me. My ancestors  came from Gulargumbone,  the Blowes family and the Law family . We have always been told that we have aboriginal blood and now kt is crucial we find out as my daughter has two foster children who are part aboriginal and docs are talking of putting them with an aboriginal family. I might add one of them she has had for 5 years since he was 4 days old we dearly love these children, my father always told us he was part aboriginal and one of my nephews is always being mistaken for one. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. If not could you give me the email address of someone who may be able to help my fathers name was Lancelot Charles Blowes; his father was William Francis Blowes; his mother was Mary anne Law.  Thank you

Brabara Hodgson  REPLY

6 May 2016.


I am trying to find a photograph of John Charles Truscott, who is my great grandfather. We have searched everywhere but cannot find one of him

John Charles Truscott and his wife Elizabeth Truscott arrived in Brisbane from the UK in February 1878. John Charles Truscott was 35 years old and Elizabeth was 30 years old. When they arrived they had a daughter Bessie who was 12 years old, John Henry Truscott who was six years old, Sidney Truscott who was two years old and Orton Truscott who was an infant and soon died.

They established a general store in Texas, then moved to Deepwater then onto Emmaville.

In the 1894-5 NSW electoral roll for Glen Innes (Emmaville) John Charles Truscott and his son John Henry (Jim) Truscott were listed as store keepers.

John Charles Truscott, had owned ‘The Central Produce and Grocery Store’  in Emmaville in the 1880’s. We do not know if one of the two people standing in the attached image are John Charles Truscott or not?

Jim Truscott  REPLY

7 May 2016
Truscott Photo


I am trying to get in touch with my brother who lives in Urbanville. His name is Russel Fynn
I did manage to contact him through facebook, finally, but this has gone. When I finally found him a few months ago, he was ill and I would like to know how he is.
Bernie Fynn   REPLY
New Zealand
10 May 2016


I am researching any information you may have on my grandparents who owned the property "Dellapool" near Mungindi qld. .They were owners in 1937 and was hoping you may have any information on when they bought the property and when it was sold,  as well as any possible photographs of the family or the property?  I would be grateful for any information?

The name of the family is "Allison". I believe "Dellapool" was owned by William Elijah Marshall Allison,  who was married to Elizabeth Allison nee Mcgregor.
Williams father was Hugh Elijah Allison,  married to Hannah Kent, both also lived in the area. Hugh died on 19 Jan 1878 and is buried at "Kunopia Station"

Jennifer Westwood  CONTACT
19 May 2016


  My Name is Peter Hoeppner I am from Medicine Hat Alberta Canada. I know this is a long shot but I had a teacher in high School who was working here 1972/1973. Her name is Estelle Hammond  I use to have her address but in the years have lost or misplaced it  She taught school in Coonabarabran. I am coming to Australia in Feb of 2017 and I was wondering Is there any way that you can help me find a way that I can contact her .I know this is a long shot but she be in her mid eighties. She was my favourite teacher in school and it would mean a lot to me if I could see her again. I give you permission to ask her if i can contact her I hope she is still with us and it would great  to see her again.I have tried every thing to find her can you let me know either way as to if she is still with us or not this would be amazing if I could see her again . You have my permission if she still around to ask if I can contact her.I hope I receive good news Thanks for your help it is well appreciated .

Peter A Hoeppner  CONTACT
1 June 2016


My name is Robert Vial and I am the Great, Great Grandson of William Braham who was a carrier at Hillgrove for many years.  he lived there with a Susan Aherne nee Jobson.  Several children were born to both William and Susan.  I am in the throes of researching my family history and was wondering if you have any information on the Braham family.  I can be contacted by  EMail   Any information on this family would be most appreciated.

 Sincerely yours

R. W . Vial  CONTACT
3 June 2016


I would like some help in trying to find a Picture of James “Jimmy” Reid who was a Drover in the surrounding area’s prior to 1953, James was married to an Aboriginal Woman named Mabel Ward and had a large family, sometimes lived on the mission at   Gulargambone, NSW, James drowned on his horse in the “Mullins Swamp”  Public Watering Tank at Carinda in 1953


6 June 2016


Would love to contact the family of Don Alt who farmed Wallaroo, Emmaville Rd, Torrington in the 1970s/80s.  I spent childhood ‘farm holidays’ staying on Wallaroo and plan to visit Torrington again later in 2016 – after 30 years! Is there anyone connected to Wallaroo still living in the area?  Would love to share some memories.
Please email a reply to Anna Claude  CONTACT

11 June 2016


Hi my name is Cliveene McRae        My mother Lola Enid McRae maiden name is Casey  said that she was born in Tyringham  on the 2-8-1932  i was just trying  to find out 


18 June 2016



I am researching my Family Tree and I came across a mention that Annie Cross was the first Post Mistress of Graman. I would appreciate any information you might be able to provide me, including any dates.

Phillip Youngman CONTACT

21 June 2016

My name is Joanne Peterson(Knauz)

my contact is 0756790169

I A seeking any information if Warren's Family is still in coraki? and could you pass on my details to them, I am the mother of Warrens child Sarah shes 22 and amother herself now, I lost contact with them and she wishes to get to know her Fathers Family.

Hopefully someone can help me, with thanks


17 Jan 2017


Probably a long shot but I thought I would give it a go anyway.
My uncle - Victor Thirlaway and a number of his family emigrated to Gunnedah -  I believe sometime in the 60s.
I am trying to get hold of him or his family to pass on some family news.
Are you able to point me in the right direction.

My Name is Mick Reay.  CONTACT
Address 29 Crawford Place, Newbury, Berkshire, UK. RG14 1XG.
Telephone +44 7928643599

27 Apr 2017


Hello I am searching for any information anyone has on Ellen Boulton born Wellington and died in New Angeldool in 1942.<br>
Lived in Sherwin Street New Angeldool and was a domestic and old age pensioner.<br>
She never married but had 3 children - Samuel, Elizabeth and Annie.<br>
Her daughter Elizabeth Boulton married first a Ah Bow and then she married Charlie Young.<br>
Rhonda   CONTACT
22 May 2017


I’m wanting to get in contact with anyone that is linked to anything that might be like a Deepwater historical society.
I am tracing my family history and it appears that one was born and lived in Deepwater.
Who would be the best person to get in contact with

David Walker  CONTACT

5 August 2017


My name is Kim and I have been trying to do my history for over 20 years and finally think I have come across some information and now Im stuck, and hoping you can help. It is very confusing so I will try and make it as simple as i can, if you are unable to help can you suggest some other places i can look please. thanks.

Robert Campbell married Maria [Sarah] Hyatt  on the 5th Nov 1889 and the marriage was consented by marias  guardian William smith as she was only 16 . records on her childrens names are maria s , sarah maria and sarah m . . she left after her 7th child to the benevolent asylum in quay st Sydney. , then had a child to percy howell. from coonabarrabran,  then sarah went as sarah little [her mothers maiden  name] then she was in coolah were my grandfather was born , percival francis campbell [ we thought ] lol. on his birth and  wedding certificate she put sarah little.  then she was in Hay married to Robert Cole and died in Deniliquin.
What i am after is , is this all correct and was she or robert campbell aboriginal at all. and if there is any photos  of either of them. etc.any information would be greatly appreciated
thankyou for taking the time .

Kind Regards

5 August 2017.


I am trying to trace how my great great grandparents David and Eliza welsh came to be married in uralla nsw I. 1860. David had emigrated to Australia from Scotland some years prior, he was around 36 at the time of their marriage; he also was the licensee of the commercial hotel granted around that time. Eliza was Eliza smith, she was about 16 at their marriage. She emigrated to Australia with her father, John smith, step mother Janet smith and  siblings Jane; ann; Mary and James, their birth mother having died in Scotland c 1848. The family arrived in Sydney on the "Charlotte Jane" oct 8 1848, having departed renfrewshire Scotland. Both John and Janet died at separate times in Sydney 1851, their infant daughter Janet also died 1850 aged about 2 months. I am trying to put together the reasons for both (or either) Eliza and David being in uralla. Particularly Eliza who was 6 at the time of disembarkation in Sydney, did she and her siblings, Jane 14 (listed on the passenger manifest as a domestic servant), Ann (11) Mary (9) and James (6) go into orphanages, or were there other relatives either here prior or travelled with, who took them in? Any info on how Eliza came to be at age 16 and presumably orphaned in a new country for ten years, in uralla, David as well at his relatively advanced years! They were married by the revd ?johnson, a minister of the free Church of Scotland. They left the area with their first 3 children to work the Denison goldfields in the upper hunter, ultimately travelling to the nambucca region and pioneering the Taylor's arm region (talarm). Any help, mostly around the uralla connection, would be appreciated. 


5 August 2017


Hi there in 1965 my mum     Phyllis may   isdale , gave me up due to hardship, she had medical issues and husband that liked a drink and knock her around,  she was 35   in 1965 and use to stay at her sister inlaw from Merrygoen , several visits in  1965 , she was from Sydney at this time also , the lady that raised has just passed away and never told me about nothing , of the letters and we found letters from Phyllis ,  I’m hoping she may be alive or some one that may of known    surname ,isdale was my father and they were never married, her , cheers Stephen isdale  CONTACT

23 September 2017


I am very much hoping that you can help me to find some further information regarding my great, great grandfather, John Carson Gardiner.

Also, while we know that the Plain View property was lost, if you have any details on this property that you could share with us, that would be wonderful and we are more than happy to pay any fees associated with your work.

Recently, Coonamble Past and Present posted an item on FB that included a map of Coonamble that did include Calga and I realised that this is the property mentioned on John Carson Gardiner’s probate notice below. They gave me your contact details, advised you may be able to help in our family history search.


WALES - Probate Jurisdiction.- In the Estate of

JOHN CARSON GARDINER, late of Calga, near

Coonamble, in the colony of New South Wales, Selector,

deceased, Intestate —APPLICATION will be made after

fourteen days from the publication hereof that Administration of the Estate

of the above deceased may be

granted to JOHN GARDINER of Plain View, Baradine,

son of the said deceased. Dated this 28th day of January, A.D. 1896.

JOHNATHAN DAVEY BUTTON , Proctor for Administrator, COONAMBLE. By his Agents


John Carson Gardiner was born in Scotland 1825, died 1896. John Gardiner born 1858, died 16/10/1934. Albert Gordon Gardiner, born Coonabarabran 15/1/1892, died 21/6/1975, William Gordon Gardiner born 11/1/1923, died 11/9/1993.

While we live in Sydney now, we were born and raised in Baradine, my father was William(Bill) Gordon Gardiner and his father was Albert Gordon (Gordy) Gardiner and his father was John Gardiner and my grandfather did grow up on the Plain View property but we know that property was lost as there were big debts accumulated. My grandfather Gordy had several businesses in Baradine (Bakery, General Store) and my father Bill had several different occupations but did share farm for many years on Aub McDowell’s property (Molgo) at Teridgerie.

 Thanks for your assistance,

Sue Gardiner,  0438161019, Collaroy.  CONTACT

23 September 2017


Louisa Haynes (nee Darlow) born 1870 London arrived in Australia in 1891 any information on her living relatives.
 She married a John Haynes in 1892 had 5 or 6 children, mainly she lived in Narrabri NSW and died in about 1944.
Gill Cruxton  CONTACT

26 June 2018


My name is Rebecca Waits. When I was in high school, I had the great pleasure of being an exchange student in Bowraville, NSW, for a summer. It was through a program called AFS. It was such a remarkable, life-changing experience, and I think fondly of it every day.

I am 30 years old now, and am trying to find contact info for my wonderful host parents, who were so kind and loving to me. They may or may not still be married, or in the area? My internet-searching has brought up very little, and I'm hoping you can help me get in touch with them.

Their names are Patricia "Trish" Brose, and Peter Rimington. I know they had an adult daughter who lived elsewhere. Their address was 1389 Rodeo Drive, but when I look it up on google maps, it just appears to be an empty field. They had a lovely farm house surrounded by pecan trees, and Trish was a bartender who ran a vintage clothing consignment shoppe called "Wild Lilly's". Peter worked in construction, and the one piece of info I found says that they two of them ran an excavation company together at one point? I miss them so much, and would love to reconnect, and possibly even visit your town again someday!

I can be reached via this email address, or via phone at 513-371-2667. I live in Portland, Oregon. Please do get in touch and let me know if you can help me on my quest!

Rebecca Waits  CONTACT

26 June 2018


I was wondering if you could kindly please help me, I am looking for information in regards to my Grandfather Leslie Brown aka Konz. My Grandfather was of aboriginal descent and along with Joe Craigie and his mates they would gather at the “Pretty Bird Tree” in Narrabri and spend time there together having a drink and so forth. I’m thinking this would have possibly been in the 50’s as he passed away in 1964. So was wondering if there would possibly be any photos or anything to do with the aboriginals that would gather under this tree in hope that I may find a photo of my Grandfather that I never had the honour to meet.
Hoping to hear back from you,
Kindest Regards
Deborah Bell     CONTACT

26 June 2018


I am trying to find a Dutch friend who worked in Narrabri  in 1963 or 1964 on the Cotton Farms. He came to Narrabri with 2 other Dutch men....all New Dutch Immigrants.....who were in Narrabri for a short time only. I was a Narrabri resident and worked as a Nurse at Narrabri Hospital at the time and for several years later. He was very tall...had Blonde hair...Was stockily built...and was 19 at the time.  I would like to know if anyone remembers them.
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12 July 2018

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