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This page is designed to provide space for people of the Community to provide local history information about their community and to provide links to relevant history sites related to this community. The management of this site realises that this list may not be complete.

Emmaville began as a private township known as Vegetable Creek. In 1872 tin was discovered here, causing a population explosion. In fact, the hospital still bears the original name.

The name was changed on 24 May, 1882 to Emmaville in honour of Lady Augustus Foftus, who's Christian name was Emma.

The Cobb & Co Coach ran between Emmaville and Glen Innes for 11 years between the years of 1875 and 1886.

There was a large Chinese population about this time (some 2000) and continued up until the early 1930's. In 1931 the Joss House on the corner of Irby St was burned down. After this the Chinese started to drift away.

Emmaville Mining MuseumVisitors to the village can explore the history of mining in the district by visiting the rather comprehensive mining museum located in the village. A full photograph of the can be seen in the photo gallery.

Some of the items that could be purchased from the 23 or moe shops and hotels were sheep shears, 3/6d (35cents) spring head nails 1lb for 1/- (10c), ordinary nails 1lb for 3d (2c), pocket watch for 6/6d (65c), a shovel 4/3d (42c) and calico at the grand price of 5d (4c) per yard. Many of these shops are still here and can be seen today.


John Charles Truscott and his wife Elizabeth Truscott arrived in Brisbane from the UK in February 1878. John Charles Truscott was 35 years old and Elizabeth was 30 years old. When they arrived they had a daughter Bessie who was 12 years old, John Henry Truscott who was six years old, Sidney Truscott who was two years old and Orton Truscott who was an infant and soon died.

They established a general store in Texas, then moved to Deepwater then onto Emmaville.

In the 1894-5 NSW electoral roll for Glen Innes (Emmaville) John Charles Truscott and his son John Henry (Jim) Truscott were listed as store keepers.

John Charles Truscott, had owned ‘The Central Produce and Grocery Store’  in Emmaville in the 1880’s. [2]

The Truscott shop was in Moore Street, Emmaville.

John Charles Truscott was appointed a JP in Emmaville.

John Charles died on 21 April 1911 in Emmaville, NSW at Moore St at age 69, and was buried on 22 April 1911 in Emmaville. The cause of his death was Apoplexy. [1]

J C Truscott's Grave
J C Truscott Store
Truscott Brothers Store

Information and photos provided by Jim Truscott

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