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All photographs in this gallery were taken by R. J. Burling

View towards Thunderbolt's Cave
Thunderbolt's Cave lies off the New England Highway, not far from the village of Black Mountain

The turnoff is just 200 metres to the south of the Black Mountain Roadhouse. Since the upgrade of the roadworks, the exit point from the New England Highway is very clear. The road in is fairly rugged and care driving needs to be taken. The distance is about 2.5Km to the car parking area just below the cave. It is possible to drive all the way to the cave (the last 100 metres) but this requires a good 4 wheel drive vehicle. Walking in to the cave from the car park is, however, recommended as it will give you a feel for the way it was in Thunderbolt's day.

The top left photograph shows the view towards the cave whilst the top right photograph shows the view Thunderbolt would have had as he waited for his nnext victim.

Climb inside the cave and get a feel for the place such as is shown in these photographs.

View from Thunderbolt's Cave
Entrance to Thunderbolt's Cave
Inside Thunderbolt's Cave
Inside Thunderbolt's Cave
Inside Thunderbolt's Cave